Community Health

Carol Beltz, MSN, RN

  • NURS 40020 - Community Health Nursing
  • NURS 40005 - Professional Nursing Development 
  • NURS 40045 - Integration Leadership Management
  • NURS 43001 - Health Promotion in Nursing
  • NURS 44000 - Population Based Nursing

Sue L. Hritz, M.Ed., RN, LPC, PHN, CHT

I am a Public Health RN and professional counselor with 20+ years of experience in field of nursing and counseling and nearly 10 years in academia. I worked in OB/GYN/Nursery/NICU/Med-Surgical units, and as a Discharge Planner in a CA hospital, but for 15 years worked in the home care field as a case manager in a variety of teams and as a team leader. I have always had interests in mental/behavioral health and natural ways to promote health and wellness overall.

Joseph D. Fisher MSN, RN, FNP-BC

I am a family nurse practitioner with 17 years experience. I have worked in both family and specialized health settings throughout my career. I also served in an administration role during this time, helping to set up nurse practitioner run programs that delivered health and wellness to the surrounding patient population. These programs included Urgent care, a mobile unit, and express care programs.