Community Health

Carol Beltz, MSN, RN


  • NURS 40020 - Community Health Nursing
  • NURS 40005 - Professional Nursing Development¬†
  • NURS 40045 - Integration Leadership Management
  • NURS 43001 - Health Promotion in Nursing
  • NURS 44000 -¬†Population Based Nursing

Sue L. Hritz, M.Ed., RN, LPC, PHN, CHT

I am a Public Health RN and professional counselor with 20+ years of experience in field of nursing and counseling and nearly 10 years in academia. I worked in OB/GYN/Nursery/NICU/Med-Surgical units, and as a Discharge Planner in a CA hospital, but for 15 years worked in the home care field as a case manager in a variety of teams and as a team leader. I have always had interests in mental/behavioral health and natural ways to promote health and wellness overall.