End of life

Amy Petrinec, Ph.D., RN

After completing my master’s degree, I transitioned from clinical ICU nursing to teaching critical care at the undergraduate nursing level. During these experiences, I identified the family members of intensive care unit patients as a population who often has untoward psychological symptoms during the patient’s ICU admission. My dissertation work focused on the stress and coping of family members during and after a patient’s ICU hospitalization.

Clare Stacey

As a medical sociologist, Dr. Stacey’s work centers on the provision of long-term and end of life care in the United States.  She has written extensively on the emotional labor associated with the paid carework of home care aides (The Caring Self, Cornell University Press 2011) and recently completed an edited volume on paid carework with Mignon Duffy and Amy Armenia (Caring on the Clock, Rutgers University Press, 2015).  Dr.

Tamara A. Fox, MSN, RN

I am a Master’s prepared nurse with ten years of teaching experience. In addition to my current work in education, I have experience in several other areas of nursing. The first being a nurse in a chemical dependency treatment center at the time when patients were admitted to the facility for 30 days, there I learned about addiction and recovery as well as detoxing clients safely. My next job was on a medical/surgical step down unit at Hillcrest Hospital. I worked there for several years. I learned the about cardiac nursing as well as post -operative client care.