Benjamin Fregoso

My research activities are in theoretical condensed matter physics. My main interest is the investigation of out-of-equilibrium mesoscopic systems, strongly correlated quantum dipolar gases, and topological effects on optical properties of semiconductors. I am interested in their new collective behavior emerging due to competing interactions. Employing the tools of quantum statistical mechanics of many body systems, I am analyzing analytically and numerically phenomena such as quantum magnetism, superconductiviy and ferroelectricity.

Antal Jakli

Dr. Antal Jakli is a Professor at the Liquid Crystal Institute. He received his Ph.D. (1986) in Statistical Physics from Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary. He joined the Liquid Crystal Institute staff in 1999. His research centers on electro-optical, electro-mechanical and rheological properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals.

The activity of his group is described here (http://www.jakligroup.com/).