Interpersonal Communication

Mei-Chen Lin

Mei-Chen teaches classes such as communication and aging, intercultural communication and interpersonal communication. Her research interests are older adults' identity representation online, cross category intergroup communication, and quality of intergenerational relationships. Her new research projects focus on difficult conversations between aging parents and adult children, and uncertainty management in interpersonal contexts.

Nichole L. Egbert

Nichole currently teaches courses in Health Communication, Relational Communication, and Foundations of Communication.  Her research interests include social support and health, health literacy, and spirituality/religiosity in health contexts.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities


  • Egbert, N. Daggs, J. L., & Reed, P. R. (in press). Students’ perceptions and misperceptions of the communication major: Opportunities and challenges of reputation.  Journal of the Association for Communication Administration.