Liquid Crystals

Jonathan Selinger

Jonathan Selinger is Professor of Chemical Physics and Ohio Eminent Scholar at Kent State's Liquid Crystal Institute. His research focuses on the theory of liquid crystals, nanoparticle suspensions, and related topics in soft materials, and seeks to make connections between fundamental statistical mechanics and technological applications.

Philip Bos

Dr. Philip J. Bos is Associate Director of the Liquid Crystal Institute and a Professor in the Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program at Kent State University. He is the inventor of the pi cell and an alignment method for SmC* devices. His research interests include novel liquid crystal devices and applications.



                Ph.D.    Physics      Kent State University         May, 1978

Xiaoyu Zheng

 I joined the math department as an assistant professor in 2006. I got my Ph.D. from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill also in 2006. My research interests are applied mathematics and computer simulations.

Torsten Hegmann


  • Full Professor, Kent State University, since 2015
  • Fellow - Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), since 2016
  • CEO - LiCrystalor LLC
  • Associate Professor & Ohio Research Scholar in Science and Technology of Advanced Nanomaterials, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State, 2011-2015
  • Interim Director Regenerative Medicine Initiative at KSU, ReMedIKS, Kent State, since 2012
  • Chief Scientific Officer - Blood Brain Bio-Transport BBBt LLC, since 2011

James T. Gleeson

My research focuses on understanding many of the fascinating physical properties exhibited by a wide variety of complex fluids, such as liquid crystals, polymers and proteins in solution.  These physical properties include such diverse effects as giant coupling between electric fields and mechanical strains, responses to magnetic, electric and strain fields, super-molecular organization on the nanometer scale, exotic optical properties, electrical transport measurements and electrically induced convective flows.