Tammy Clewell

Professor Clewell joined the Department of English in 2000 and has since published essays on modernism, psychoanalysis, and film in journals including Modern Fiction StudiesLiterature/Film QuarterlyAngelakiCollege Literature, and The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Her essay on Freud and mourning received the 2001 CORST Prize awarded by the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Jennifer McDonough

The McDonough lab is focused on identifying neuroprotective therapies for multiple sclerosis (MS).  This disease is the leading cause of neurological disability in young adults. 

Ongoing projects in the lab include investigating the role of changes in methionine metabolism and histone methylation in MS pathology.  We have found that decreased levels of methyl donors S-adenosylmethionine and betaine are linked to mitochondrial defects in MS. 

Ernest Freeman

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Physiology
  • Eukaryotic Cell Biology

Courses Teaching

Spring 2015

  • BSCI 20020 - 500 Biol Structure And Function
  • BSCI 30030 - 500 Human Physiology
  • BTEC 40196 - 006 Ind Inves Biotech
  • CHEM 80299 - 002 Dissertation II

Summer 2015

  • BSCI 10120 - 030 Biological Foundations

Fall 2015

  • BSCI 10001 - 501 Human Biology
  • BSCI 20020 - 500 Biol Structure And Function

Research Areas