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Physical activity

Louise H. Knox, DNP, RN, FNP-BC

I have been a family nurse practitioner for 16 years.  I have worked in a primary care outpatient family practice and the retail clinic setting. I enjoy collaborating with health care providers while working with individuals and families on their health journey. In my role as an FNP clinical preceptor, I found the experience stimulating and rewarding which is how I found my pathway into teaching at the CoN. 

Colleen M. Novak

Courses Taught

  • Endocrinology
  • Obesity

Courses Teaching

Spring 2015

  • BSCI 40196 - 007 Individual Investigation
  • BMS 60198 - 009 Research
  • BSCI 60299 - 010 Thesis II
  • BMS 80299 - 013 Dissertation II

Fall 2015

  • BSCI 40151 - 001 Mech Disease Obesity / Related
  • BSCI 50151 - 001 Mech Disease Obesity / Related
  • BSCI 60491 - 001 Seminar In Physiology
  • BSCI 70151 - 001 Mech Disease Obesity / Related
  • BSCI 70491 - 001 Seminar In Physiology

Jacqueline Mills

Dr. Jacqueline W. Curtis is the Associate Director of the GIS | Health & Hazards Lab and Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography. Dr. Curtis studies post-disaster recovery and planning as they impact Maternal Child Health (MCH). Her current projects focus on the use of geospatial technologies and spatial analysis to map and assess use and perception of physical activity environments for children in derelict neighborhoods. More broadly, she is interested in the role of women in shaping healthy neighborhood environments, especially in the American South.