Science Education

Adam A. Leff

My background and interest in science education developed through experiences as a teaching faculty at the Trumbull Campus of Kent State University. Currently my appointment is with the Department of Biological Sciences-Kent Campus as a science education faculty member.

My education research interests involve studying the use of technology as a tool to enhance undergraduate education. The development of interactive multimedia computer tutorials and the use of stereoscopic 3-D imaging are the focus of my research.

Bridget Mulvey

My research focuses on teachers and students: (1) doing science inquiry; (2) understanding more about the characteristics of scientific knowledge and inquiry; and (3) using technology to support the doing of science and/or promoting science content understandings.

David Smeltzer

After receiving his BS degree in zoology from Duke University, David attended the graduate School of Film at Ohio University where he wrote and produced Lucy in Disguise, an hour documentary about the discovery and analysis of the fossil skeleton Lucy. The film aired on national PBS.