Research & Scholarship

Thursday, April 13
Julie Novotny will present at the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Employers Conference on May 23-25 In-State College, PA. Julie’s session is titled, “Crafternoons with Career Conversation - Taking Career Development to Students”.

Thursday, April 6
Keith Smith and Kristen Washington presented at the 2017 Cooperative Education and Internship Association Conference in Denver, Colorado. Their speed session Externships: Student Gateways to Finding Meaning at School & at Work, which focused on discovering purpose through corporate/company site visits highlighted innovative programming piloted this past fall for FYE students, as well as future programming as part of the UC Purposeful Learning Committee.

Tuesday, April 4
Lauren Rowley, Rachel Cordy, David Paulik, and Kristin Carvajal presented at the 2017 ACPA Annual Convention. Their round table discussion entitled, "meaningful mentoring; engaging student leader through academic mentoring programs" was very well received and sparked many practical conversations for participants.

Thursday, March 30
David Moore and Lauren Rowley received acceptance to present at the Northeast Ohio Academic Advising Conference. This May Lauren and David will be facilitating this presentation in title, “tailored made or success; the academic success plan”, which creates a custom fit of academic support based on students’ courses and goals.

Thursday, March 30
Jordan Edelman for his recent success at the 2017 ACPA Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Not only did he present with our partners in the College of Business Administration but he also served as Co-Coordinator of Keynotes and Featured Speakers.

Tuesday, February 14
Steven Antalvari was selected as a recipient for the Excellence in Advising Award - Administrator for NACADA Region V. His presentation proposal Transforming the International Conversation; A Study in Transformative Training for Advisors and its Effects on Students Global Career Readiness has been accepted as a poster session for the NACADA’s International Conference; Sheffield the United Kingdom.

Tuesday, February 14
Academic Success Center Director, Stephanie Walker was invited to present a pre-conference workshop at the next annual National College Learning Center Association annual meeting in September. She will be presenting on Learning Center Reporting; How to Best Demonstrate Your Centers Impact. Additionally, Stephanie just received word from the NCLCA Board that her petition to found a regional affiliate (i.e., Ohio College Learning Center Association) has been approved. After petitioning for support from among all of the four-year colleges in the region, she received 47 endorsements, including two from universities outside of Ohio.