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Reading Series

Joshua Bennett

Please see the selection of the Wick Poetry Center's upcoming reading series.

Traveling Stanzas

Traveling Stanzas

Traveling Stanzas is a collaborative project between Kent State University's Wick Poetry Center and KSU Visual Communication Design students and alumni. It combines the creative talents of the designers with poetry by local student writers (grades 3-12), senior citizens, veterans, health care providers and professional poets.

History and Staff

Learn more about the history of the Wick Poetry Center and about the staff members.


A Wick Junior learns about poetry on an inspiring field trip.

The Wick Poetry Center engages individuals and communities in the transformative power of poetry. 

Poetry Contests and Scholarships

Wick Poetry Center books

Learn more about the Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize, High School and Undergraduate Scholarships, Chapbook Prize or the Maggie Anderson Travel Scholarsip.


Wick Poetry Center at AWP

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