eInside - Week of July 31, 2018

A Firestone Community Learning Center student learns logic control programming from Darwin Boyd, assistant professor of applied engineering and technology, at the Kent State University College of Aeronautics and Engineering.
A group of high school sophomores from Firestone Community Learning Center in Akron spent a week at Kent State University exploring university programs and learning more about college and careers.
Members of the Kent State University community volunteer to put together feminine hygiene product kits for young women in developing countries.
The Kent State University Women’s Center has always believed in empowering women and setting them up to be the most successful versions of themselves. During the spring semester, the Women’s Center put that mission into action.
Bill Willoughby, associate dean in Kent State’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design, addresses students from Akron’s Firestone Community Learning Center who spent a week at the university exploring academic programs, college and career paths.
Sophomores from Akron Public Schools’ Firestone Community Learning Center spent a week at Kent State University learning about college programs and numerous potential careers.
Mary and Tom Southards are paying it forward with a planned gift that will benefit first-generation college students at Kent State University.
Mary and Tom Southards grew up in different states but shared similar goals. Both dreamed big in their small towns.
Andrew Curtis, professor of geography, joined other fans as they watched England play in the World Cup while he was attending a conference at Oxford University.
From Michigan to Florida, Paris to Rome and more, Kent State University employees captured memories of some of the most interesting places, people and things from their local and international trips. Watch out for more photos in the next issue.

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