Employee Anniversaries | July 2016

Employee Anniversaries

Kent State University congratulates the following employees for achieving anniversary milestones in the month of July. 

Name Position Title Department Service Years Campus
Corrigan, Amelia M. Senior Advisor I Undergraduate Office College of Business Administration 5 Kent Campus
Devore, Deborah M. Assistant Professor Music 5 Kent Campus
Pryor, Alyssa N. Administrative Clerk Art 5 Kent Campus
Singh, Gautam Postdoctoral Research Associate Flight and Air Traffic Control 5 Kent Campus
Boon, Belinda Assistant Professor Library and Information Science 10 Kent Campus
Branch, Randolph E. Equipment Mechanic Fleet Services 10 Kent Campus
Ellwood, Deborah K. Secretary Dean, Tuscarawas Campus 10 Tuscarawas Campus
Eng, Abbey L. Assistant Professor Epidemiology/Biostatistics 10 Kent Campus
Goetsch, Lisa J. Director, Workforce Development and Continuing Studies-RC Dean, Trumbull Campus 10 Trumbull Campus
Griffin, Raymond L. Carpentry and Masonry Supervisor Repair Of Buildings 10 Kent Campus
Hough, George B. Lead Network Design Engineer Telecommunications Services 10 Kent Campus
Kuder, Eleanor M. Clerical Specialist Dean, Stark Campus 10 Stark Campus
Nichols, Georgette M. Records Technician Police Department 10 Kent Campus
Smith, Gregory A. Assistant Professor Biological Sciences 10 Stark Campus
Talbott, Joshua A. Lead IT User Support Analyst Dean College Of Communication and Information 10 Kent Campus
Wei, Qi-Huo Associate Professor Chemical Physics 10 Kent Campus
Wiggins Johnson, Jennifer A. Associate Professor Marketing and Entrepreneurship 10 Kent Campus
Williams, James L. Exhibition Designer/Preparator The Kent State University Museum 10 Kent Campus
Barnes, Andrew S. Chairperson, Academic Department Political Science 15 Kent Campus
Collen, David M. Maintenance Repair Worker Kent Student Center Administration 15 Kent Campus
Fraizer, Gail C. Associate Professor Biological Sciences 15 Kent Campus
Fresco, David M. Professor Psychology 15 Kent Campus
Hammon, Alan L. Custodial Worker Residence Halls Custodial Services 15 Kent Campus
Hogue, Mary B. Associate Professor Management and Information Systems 15 Kent Campus
Maletic, Jonathan I. Professor Computer Science 15 Kent Campus
Murphy, Terri J. Administrative Secretary Political Science 15 Kent Campus
Nettey, Isaac R. Associate Dean, Technology Dean AEST 15 Kent Campus
Smith, Elizabeth M. Associate Professor History 15 Kent Campus
Smith, Gregory C. Professor Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences 15 Kent Campus
Vesely, Blaine M. Piano Technician Music 15 Kent Campus
Vogel, Lauren A. Lecturer English as a Second Language 15 Kent Campus
Volkert, L G. Associate Professor Computer Science 15 Kent Campus
Bain, Roberta L. Manager, Information Services Course Management System 20 Kent Campus
Kristof, Cynthia M. Associate Professor University Libraries 20 Kent Campus
Menassa, Susan P. Editorial Communication Specialist, Senior University Communications and Marketing 20 Kent Campus
Phillipp, Deborah A. Director I, Enrollment Management and Student Services Dean, Stark Campus 20 Stark Campus
Proffer, Tyre J. Professor Biological Sciences 25 Salem Campus
Steinberg, Geoffrey Associate Professor Management and Information Systems 25 Kent Campus
Gritzan, Walter Director, Business Affairs and Operations, RC Dean, Tuscarawas Campus 30 Tuscarawas Campus
Banas, Kathleen D. Special Assistant IS Administrative Support 35 Kent Campus
Birtalan, Mary A. Library Associate Dean, Stark Campus 35 Stark Campus
Tondiglia, Dean P. Interim Director, Public Safety Police Department 35 Kent Campus

This list is provided by the Division of Human Resources based on university records.