German Shepherd to Re-home

Looking to rehome a beautiful 2 yr old, 54 lb, pure bred (from registered litter but no papers) female German Shepherd named Henna. She grew up (16 months) in a kennel so was Not raised with kids so NOT a kids dog! She would fit best in an adult only home and as the only dog although she gets along well with my male shepherd. 

   I know the breeder, he has wonderful dogs and I was looking for a hobby project so late June 2016 she moved to my house and became a house dog. Good in the house on her own or in crate. As sweet as she can be to her owners. Wants to just lay at your feet and please you. Shy around strangers and not comfortable with kids or grandkids. I knew when I got her she would not be a good fit with kids/grandkids but I thought I had the means to keep the two separate since the grandkids live far enough away they aren’t over often.  

   We finished Beginners obedience one class this fall and planned to start Beginners two this spring with the Youngstown All Breed Training Club in North Jackson. 

   Faults (as I see them) not familiar with kids so I don’t trust her with them. She also hates my son’s young female Great Dane who lives next door and comes over to visit. Henna and our male live together just fine but when it comes to the other female, Henna is not going to have her on her territory. In our household, these two faults are serious so for the safety of the Dane and grandchildren, I’m hoping to find Henna an adult home where she can be loved and hugged as she should be. Can send more photos. 


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