2016 Summer Teaching Development Grant Application

In its quest to enhance teaching universitywide, the University Teaching Council is pleased to invite all Kent State University faculty to apply for the 2016 Summer Teaching Development Grant by Feb. 28, 2016.

In an effort to elevate the prestige associated with the Summer Teaching Development Grant, the University Teaching Council has unanimously agreed to increase the funding for each total award to $9,000. Eligible faculty will still be able to apply for partial awards ($4,500)and joint projects are still considered. Since 2000, these awards were limited to $6,500 and $3,250 respectively.

As from the 2015 academic year, the University Teaching Council also has decided to raise the reporting expectation for this grant. Awarded Faculty will now be required to submit a Final Grant Summary Report that will minimally include:

  • The completed activities during the grant period.
  • The measured or anticipated effect of the project in terms of student learning at Kent State.
  • The public/peer review of their findings (or the plan for this public/peer review).

A portion of the final award ($500-$1,000) will be withheld until the University Teaching Council has reviewed and accepted the report. The overall goal of increasing both the funding and expectations of this grant opportunity is to encourage and support faculty who want to adopt a scholarly approach to advancing teaching and learning at Kent State University.

The application deadline for the 2016 Summer Teaching Development Grant is Feb. 28, 2016, at 11:59 p.m. EST. For more details regarding the grant application process, as well as other funding opportunities, visit the University Teaching Council website.