The 2018 Distinguished Teaching Awards and Outstanding Teaching Awards Recipients

On Friday, Oct. 19, six more names were added to the elite group of Kent State University faculty members who have been awarded the Alumni Association’s Distinguished Teaching Award and the University Teaching Council’s Outstanding Teaching Award.

Five of the six winners of the 2018 Distinguished and Outstanding Teaching Awards are pictured in the Kent Student Center.

The Distinguished Teaching Award was established in 1967 and this year, the Alumni Association recognized three faculty members for their excellence in the classroom teaching.

2018 Distinguished Teaching Award recipient David H. Kaplan, Geography, Kent Campus

The 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award recipients joining an elite group of 152 Kent State University faculty are:

  • Radd K. Ehrman, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Kent Campus.
  • David H. Kaplan, Department of Geography, Kent Campus.
  • Janice Lessman-Moss, School of Art, Kent Campus.

The 2018 Outstanding Teaching Award Recipients award honors full-time, nontenure-track and part-time faculty members. These recipients embody Kent State’s mission, vision and values. This award recognizes these recipients who go above and beyond to teach and add to Kent State students’ lives each and every day, inside and outside of the classroom.


The 2018 Outstanding Teaching Award recipients are: 

  • Mary Heidler, Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, College of Business Administration, Kent Campus.
  • Mary Kutchin, College of Nursing, Kent Campus.
  • Eriko Tanaka, Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies, Kent Campus.

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Francesca Barrett