Division of Information Services Plans to Roll Out Phone Directory Security

On June 28, Kent State University’s Division of Information Services will begin implementing a Captcha service for the Kent State online directory. A Captcha is a security feature that differentiates people from internet bots by presenting online users with a simple visual puzzle, often made up of distorted text.                             

Bots are software applications that run automated tasks over the web and can be used to harvest data and spam users. Using a Captcha provides protection from bots and the issues they can cause, such as targeted phishing email.

“The program’s primary purpose for the online directory will be to protect university user information from malicious bot users,” says Brendan Walsh, manager for information services security policy.

The Captcha will only appear if employees and students are attempting to access the online directory while off campus and when logged out of FlashLine. After implementation, Information Services will continue to work on Captcha technology to maintain usability.

To learn more about cyber security best practices, be sure to visit SecureIT.kent.edu.