Does my prior Ohio state service affect my vacation entitlement?

If you were previously employed by Kent State University, the state of Ohio, or any political subdivision of the state of Ohio, your prior service time may be creditable toward your vacation entitlement* per administrative policy 6-11.7(C)(1).  Examples of political subdivisions include: city, municipality, village, township, state university, school district, health district or public library. 

  • *Bargaining unit employees represented by AFSCME should refer to Article 32 (A) regarding prior service and vacation entitlement
  • Service time from student or graduate assistant employment, or from an elective office is not creditable
  • Unused sick leave may be transferable from your prior state employer if your employment is within the past ten (10) years, per administrative policy 6-11.1(E)

Once an employee completes the Declaration of Prior Ohio State Service form, HR Records and/or Academic Personnel will request employment verification from each institution indicated on the form. When verification is complete, vacation accrual rates are calculated based on the total years of state of Ohio service. Sick leave balances may also be adjusted if unused leave time is transferred to Kent State University.