Energy Tip of the Week: Tilt Your Blinds

Did You Know?Tilt your blinds to regulate indoor temperature.

Your blinds can be used to help regulate indoor temperature. Use your blinds – tilt, twist or turn – to regulate temperature. If you do not have blinds, adjusting shades works, too! 

Actions You Can Take

  • On hot days, tilt the blinds upward toward the ceiling to block heat from the sun – this simple action can reduce heat gain by up to 45 percent.
  • On cool days, open the blinds completely or tilt them downward toward the floor to allow heat from the sun into the room. Close the blinds at night to prevent heat loss.
  • Keep the blinds open enough to allow in sunlight so you can turn off any artificial lights.

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UPDATED: Sunday, March 03, 2024 01:40 PM