Evan Faidley, Exploratory Advising Center, and Tracy Lara-Hilton, School of Foundation, Leadership and Administration

Evan Faidley, graduate assistant in the Exploratory Advising Center, in partnership with Tracy Lara-Hilton, Ph.D., School of Foundation, Leadership and Administration, made several presentations in Europe showcasing Career Navigation courses. The presentations included:

May 26: National Center of Arts and Crafts, in the division of the National Institute of Studies of Work and Career Counseling in Paris, France.

May 30: The University of Rouen as their first-ever invited American to present a seminar under the organization of the Association of Social Psychology, Work, and Organizations of Rouen, in Rouen, France.

June 2: A conference for educators on a search for success, focused on pedagogy and psychology together, at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris, France.

June 7: The International Scientific Conference for Career and Life Design Interventions for Sustainable Development and Decent Work in Wroclaw, Poland. The topic of the presentation comes from the collaborative work between Tracy Lara-Hilton and University College in the Career Navigation course, titled Counseling through Curriculum: A Form of Career Intervention Implementation (English session) and Career Navigation: Assisting student in Self-Construction (French session).

June 15: The Catholic University of the West in Anger, France.