Everything You Need to Know About Tax Form 1095-C

The Affordable Care Act requires certain employers to offer health insurance coverage to full-time employees and their dependents. Further, those employers must send an annual statement to all employees eligible for coverage describing the insurance available to them. The Internal Revenue Service created Form 1095-C to serve as that statement.

Every employee who is eligible for insurance coverage will receive a 1095-C. Eligible employees who decline to participate in their employer’s health plan will still receive a 1095-C, which identifies:

  • The employee and the employer
  • Which months during the year the employee was eligible for coverage
  • The cost of the cheapest monthly premium the employee could have paid under the plan

Viewing this video will help you understand:

  • Why you will receive a 1095-C form 
  • What information is included on the form
  • How to take action

Please watch for future communications from the Division of Human Resources about your new tax form 1095-C. Additional information can also be found here.