The Face Behind Kent State’s Social Media

From her computer to her phone, at all hours of the day and night – yep – there really is a face behind all those tweets, postings and pictures on Kent State University’s social media pages.

For nearly two years, Nicole Carlone, social media community manager in Kent State’s University Communications and Marketing department, is the one connecting with you on social media.

“I really do feel like I have a connection with people on campus,” Carlone says. “It’s funny when I actually meet them and they’re like – oh.”

And she has lots of platforms to actively use. You name it, Kent State has it: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and now Snapchat.

Carlone monitors it all and responds to the good, as well as the bad. Can you guess what generates the most social media outcry? The answer: the blustery, snowy winter weather.



Every month, Carlone runs reports on all the conversations about Kent State around the world, which can add up to millions.

Besides measuring the sentiments and breaking it down by gender or location, Carlone also is communicating back and forth, sometimes as many as thousands of tweets a year.

“It’s kind of tough sometimes,” Carlone says. “I could be in an appointment or with my friends, then I have to take a break and follow up on something that’s an emergency.”

So what is the best and quickest way to get a question answered through social media? With more than 300 accounts throughout campus, Carlone suggests starting with Kent State’s social media directory and finding the department that best fits your question.

“That will eliminate some lag time, especially if they’re looking for an immediate answer,” Carlone says.

With her phone always by her side and a Starbucks coffee within reach, Carlone draws from her own positive college experience to share Kent State’s story, while providing the best customer service possible.

 “I love this job and I love making connections with the students, and there actually is a real person behind it all, and that person is me,” Carlone smiles.

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The Kent State University Board of Trustees today established a comprehensive, national search to recruit and select the university’s 13th president.


The events of May 4, 1970, placed Kent State University in an international spotlight after a student protest against the Vietnam War and the presence of the Ohio National Guard ended in tragedy with four students losing their lives and nine others being wounded. From a perspective of nearly 50 years, Kent State remembers the tragedy and leads a contemporary discussion and understanding of how the community, nation and world can benefit from understanding the profound impact of the event.

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