Jennifer L. McCullough, School of Communication Studies

Jennifer L. McCullough, School of Communication Studies, Sajani Raman, Sara Guerrero-Duby, Miraides Brown, Sarah Ostrowski-Delahanty, Diane Langkamp and John C. Duby authored “Screen Exposure During Daily Routines and a Young Child’s Risk for Having Social-Emotional Delay” in Clinical Pediatrics, Russell W. Steele (Ed.), Vol. 56, Issue 13, (2017): 1244-1253.

Summary: According to the authors’ abstract, the cross-sectional study examined associations between social-emotional development in children ages 12-36 months and their number of daily routines involving an electronic screen. Children at risk for social-emotional delay were 5.8 times more likely to have five or more routines occurring with a screen as compared to children not at risk for delay.

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