Kent State’s Center for Corporate and Professional Development Creates Valuable Content for Employees

Kent State University’s Center for Corporate and Professional Development has created the Golden Insights Blog to educate readers on trends in effective workplace performance. The center delivers critical talent development programs to the university and the Northeast Ohio area to meet employers’ professional development needs.

The blog is a window into programs offered by the center that covers subject areas such as change management, continuous improvement, customer service, emerging leaders, human resources, Lean Six Sigma, project management, online training, supervision, training and development, among many others.

“We want to position ourselves as thought leaders in areas such as communication, supervision and frontline leadership, and lean and continuous improvement,” says Brie Loesch, marketing coordinator for the center. “The Golden Insights Blog really hones in on one specific topic area within these three key competencies.”

The blog features posts about topics such as creating a communication calendar and effectively communicating change among others.

Amy Lane, associate vice president for the center, says the blog holds a wealth of important information employers and employees can use.

“We want readers to get the valuable information that they would use to perform in their jobs effectively, such as how to better communicate — interpersonally, through email, presentations and corporate communication,” Lane says.

Lane sees the blog as an idea hub that employers and employees can visit to improve skills and learn new tools and practices.

“There they can read about important information that is taught through full-day and two-day training programs offered through the center,” Lane says. “Readers can learn a little about these subjects, and that might get employers and employees interested in attending a professional development program.”

To view the blog and learn about topics such as power listening or nonverbal communication, visit Golden Insights at