Kent State Employees Receive Two Silver Awards in the CASE V Awards Program

Kent State University was awarded high honors from the Pride of CASE V Awards Program for 2015 for the “Browns' Yearbook Ad,” receiving the silver award in Excellence in Printing, and the “University College Identity,” receiving the silver award in Best Graphic Identity/Logo.

CASE District V, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, is an organization comprising educational advancement officers. CASE District V focuses on student relations and recruitment, alumni loyalty and other issues in the area of institutional advancement.

University Communications and Marketing staff members Phil Soencksen, writer; Larry Langston, graphic designer; Robert Louis, executive director of creative services; Ramona Stamm, associate director for marketing communications and creative services; and Karen Martin, director for marketing research and strategy, collaborated to create the “Browns' Yearbook Ad.”

The yearbook ad, which was initially placed in a Cleveland Browns yearbook, used the idea of “going pro” as a tie to placement. This was to emphasize Kent State’s proficiency in preparing students for professional careers.

“After brainstorming and narrowing ideas, we wanted to relate and engage the audience of possible Kent State students,” Langston says.

“We chose an athletic theme, but we wanted to walk the line and tie in academics,” Soencksen says. “The goal was to incorporate Kent State as a whole.”

While promoting the Kent State brand, the yearbook ad appealed to high school students and parents looking for a university that will propel their professional career.

“We used the analogy of being an amateur to becoming a pro in four years,” Soencksen says. “No stock photography was used. We got a coat and went to the locker to shoot the picture.”

“We would not have been able to create this piece without the help of our photographer, Jeff Glidden,” Langston says.

Recognition for hard work is greatly appreciated and motivating, Langston says.

“We do such a large volume of work, that it is nice to be recognized with an award for good pieces,” Langston says. “It’s nice to hang your hat on an award and be able to show that to your clients.”

The silver award for Best Graphic Identity/Logo was created by University Communications and Marketing staff members Jeff Florentine, senior graphic designer; Nick Moore, interim creative director; Jody Kovolyan, project coordinator; and Stamm, Martin and Louis.

The Division of Undergraduate Studies transitioning into University College was exemplified with Florentine’s use of an individual color to represent each department of University College. The individual colors stand for the differences of each department, but their unity in the circle shows the strength they create together.

“University College was looking for a new look, something more fresh and modern,” Florentine says. “I used many circles and combined them into one shape, which connotes strength and diversity.”

The identity created for University College allows for understanding and strong recognition of the various departments and how they work together.

“In the future, I would like to get even more involved with the CASE District V awards,” Florentine says. “Personally, I would like to expand and enter in different areas.”

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