Kent State Sets New Enrollment Records, Highlighting University’s Strength and Success

Kent Campus boasts records in enrollment growth, retention and freshman class size, quality and diversity 

Kent State University continues to set records as it begins a new academic year. The university is marking the 10th consecutive year of enrollment growth on the Kent Campus with increasing diversity and academic success, while also welcoming another record-setting freshman class.

The university released its official 15th day census data for the 2016 Fall Semester and reported 29,105 enrolled students at the Kent Campus, demonstrating 10 straight years of enrollment growth. The Kent Campus also has achieved record retention (82.2 percent compared to its previous highest of 81.7 percent in 2014) and record enrollment of underrepresented students (3,985 students compared to previous high of 3,850 students in 2015).

This fall, the Kent Campus also welcomes a record-setting freshman class – in terms of size, quality based on GPA and diversity. This year’s freshman class of 4,335 students beats the previous record of 4,314 students in 2013. The freshman class boasts an average GPA of 3.4, a new record for an incoming freshman class. Its average ACT score tops 23. The new freshman class also has a record number of underrepresented students enrolled (737 students compared to the previous high of 727 students in 2011).

“We are delighted that the remarkable class of 2020 is not only the largest and most academically talented in the history of the university, but is also more diverse,” says Kent State President Beverly Warren. “This class is a showcase for the heart of our distinction as a public research university, where priorities for access, excellence and affordability not only coexist but also merge as critical elements of a high-quality, distinctive learning environment.”

Several colleges and schools are experiencing significant enrollment growth, including the College of Architecture and Environmental Design; the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology; the College of the Arts; the School of Digital Sciences; and the College of Nursing. Undergraduate and graduate enrollments are both up on the Kent Campus.

“Kudos to our Strategic Enrollment Management team and especially to Senior Associate Vice President Dave Garcia for their great work,” says Todd Diacon, Kent State’s senior vice president for academic affairs and provost. “The cooperation of college deans, chairs, program directors and faculty in the recruitment of this stellar class is greatly appreciated, as is the work of everyone to improve our freshman-to-sophomore retention rate to a record 82.2 percent.”

Two of Kent State’s Regional Campuses also have seen enrollment growth: Kent State University at Stark and Kent State University at East Liverpool. Kent State Stark welcomes 5,015 students, which is the largest concurrent enrollment it has ever recorded since the campus was founded in 1946, shattering its previous high of 4,919 in 2011. Kent State East Liverpool’s concurrent enrollment increased by 4.6 percent compared to last year.

Total enrollment for the 2016 Fall Semester across the university’s eight campuses is 40,782 students. The unduplicated headcount for the Regional Campuses is 11,677 students. Unduplicated headcount means that students are counted only once at the campus at which they hold a majority of their course load. After a significant increase in enrollment due to the recession, enrollment at the Regional Campuses has been adjusting to the current economic climate and is in line with their expected enrollment under normal conditions.

“These enrollment numbers confirm that Kent State is a highly sought-after institution of higher learning,” says T. David Garcia, Kent State’s senior associate vice president for strategic enrollment management. “Our dedicated faculty, wonderful staff and new campus buildings have created a great, new energy and atmosphere to attract and retain students. Our employees play an important role in the success of our students and of our university, and I thank them for all of their efforts.”

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