Kent State Wins Big at 2016 ADDY Awards

Kent State University students and alumni received a Judge’s Choice award, along with two gold and nine silver awards at the 2016 American Advertising Federation of Akron’s (AAF-Akron) ADDY award ceremony, themed “Advertising Abe” in honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

Glyphix, a student-staffed design studio within Kent State’s School of Visual Communication Design; IdeaBase, a Kent State student-run design agency located in downtown Kent; visual communication design program alumni; and Kent State University Communications and Marketing team members all submitted creative works to AAF-Akron.

Kent State visual communication design alumni and designers at the downtown agency Each + Every, Nate Mucha, Jason Richburg, Alex Catanese and Katey Catanese, received a Judge’s Choice Award for their work on the Traveling Stanzas website for the Wick Poetry Center. Only three Judge’s Choice awards are given out from hundreds of entries.

Rachel Kozy, senior visual communication design major and designer at IdeaBase, and Martha Arbogast, designer at IdeaBase, won a silver award for their work on the publication Brainchild, a literary and arts magazine created for the Kent State Honors College. Some of the content published in the magazine is what inspired Kozy and Arbogast. Kozy also received two other silver awards for her logo design and integrated brand campaign for Stoddard’s Frozen Custard.

“The tone of all the entries set the style and mood we wanted, and it paved a smooth path to our end product,” Kozy says.

As for Kozy’s Stoddard’s Frozen Custard campaign, she says she wanted to create a light-hearted and friendly campaign that would attract and engage the viewer.

“An ice cream shop gave me the perfect opportunity to be really playful, which isn't something I usually get a chance to do,” Kozy says.

The Kent State University Communications and Marketing staff, in addition to submitting pieces for the competition, created the marketing materials and theme for the overall event. Phil Soencksen, marketing writer, says an Abraham Lincoln theme was chosen because the event took place on his birthday, Feb. 12.

“The idea was ‘what would an advertising agency do back in that time period if they were going to rebrand the president?’” Soencksen says.

The materials included a presentation, posters, videos, buttons and an Abraham Lincoln presenter to interact with the attendees.

Competitors who won gold awards are automatically entered into the national American Advertising Awards, and silver award winners can enter for a fee. The ceremony, known as Admerica, took place in Anaheim, California, from June 4-7.

The following is a complete list of Kent State 2016 ADDY award winners:

Individual Student ADDY Winners:

Silver: Magazine Design
Brainchild Magazine
Rachel Kozy, Graphic Designer
Martha Arbogast, Graphic Designer

Silver: Integrated Brand Identity Campaign
Stoddard’s Frozen Custard Branding
Rachel Kozy, Graphic Designer

Silver: Logo Design
Stoddard’s Frozen Custard Logo
Rachel Kozy, Graphic Designer

Silver: Cinematography
CityCop - Glass Bones Music Video
Todd Thompson, Director, Videographer, Editor
Joshua Foster, Second Videographer

Silver: Animation or Special Effects
Not For Sale
Ashley South, Motion Design

Each + Every:

Judge’s Choice Award: Public Service Online/Interactive
Wick Poetry Center, Kent State University
Traveling Stanzas Website
Nate Mucha, President
Jason Richburg, Creative Director
Alex Catanese, Art Director
Katey Catanese, Designer


Gold: Digital Publications
Visual Communication Design, Alumni Magazine
Josh Kruszynski, Designer
Terran Washington, Contributor
Ruby Kelly, Contributor
Larrie King, Creative Director
Khalil Dixon, Editor
Ryn Voith, Copywriter

Silver: Stationery Package
Main Street Kent/Kent State School of Art, Kent Creativity Festival
Shauna Maurer, Graphic Designer
Larrie King, Creative Director


Silver: Poster Campaign
Quintin Steele, Creative Director
John Vrhovnik, Graphic Designer

University Communications and Marketing:

Gold: Brochure Single Unit
The Fashion School
Visionarie: The Fashion Book
University Communications and Marketing Staff
Dennis Rollif, Photographer

Silver: Single Platform
Pi Day Video
Jon Jivan, Talent
Dustin Lee, Video Production, Editor
Nicole Carlone, Social Media Communication Manager

Silver: Single Entry- More Than :60 Seconds
Kent State College of Architecture and Environmental Design
College of Architecture and Environmental Design Alumni “Branch Out” at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens
Dustin Lee, Video Producer/Editor
Jon Jivan, Video Producer/Editor

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