Professor Lovejoy Das and Kent State Tuscarawas Selected for Membership in the National Collegiate Honors Council

Professor Lovejoy Das and Kent State University at Tuscarawas have been selected for institutional membership in the National Collegiate Honors Council. Das is the Honors Program coordinator, a position he has held for two years, and has been a mathematics professor at the campus for 27 years.

Founded in 1966, the National Collegiate Honors Council is a professional educational organization to develop and support honors education. The organization provides members with resources and opportunities to sustain honors programs and their curriculum. The National Collegiate Honors Council has nearly 900 member institutions and several hundred individual members.

“Kent State Tuscarawas was awarded membership for promoting academic excellence and educational opportunities for honors students, and fostering an intellectual environment on campus,” Das says.

The Honors Program at Kent State Tuscarawas provides motivated and academically talented undergraduate students with creative learning opportunities to enhance their educational experiences. The program also offers diverse educational opportunities that allow students to have close interaction with their peers and faculty members.

"Our Honors Program is part of the highly acclaimed Kent State Honors Program,” says Brad Bielski, dean and chief administrative officer at Kent State Tuscarawas. “Dr. Das is doing a great job as the program coordinator. Under his leadership, our Honors Program enrollment has grown as he stresses the campus’ dedication to developing critical thinking skills and stimulating intellectual curiosity.”

For more information about the Honors Program at Kent State Tuscarawas, contact Melissa Crites, honors advisor, at 330-339-3391, ext. 47508, or or visit


POSTED: Thursday, April 6, 2017 11:47 AM
UPDATED: Saturday, May 18, 2024 03:36 AM
Pam Patacca