Video2Go Studio Created at Kent State Tuscarawas

The incorporation of innovative student resources is a priority at Kent State University at Tuscarawas. The most recent initiative is the Video2Go Studio, a collaboration between Library Director Cherie Bronkar and Educational Technology Designer Jason Ruegsegger. Located in the Academic Learning Commons, the Video2Go Studio is a state-of-the-art system designed to allow anyone to create a video quickly and easily.

“I’m extremely excited about the new possibilities the Video2Go studio offers our students,” Ruegsegger says. “With the Video2Go studio, someone with no video experience can walk in with a flash drive and walk out with a professional-quality video presentation.”

Among the studio features are Draper Targa motorized green screen, shotgun microphone, LED lighting, video monitors, Matrox Monarch HD recording/streaming device, Roland video mixer, a professional video camera and sound set up, teleprompter capabilities, Crestron 3-Series controller, touchscreen, wireless button, Crestron Shade and sound proofing.

“The studio transpired as a need for students to easily create video for speech classes, to pitch business ideas, create video story times and just have fun,” Bronkar says. “Our faculty were also looking for a way to enhance their classes with videos and to create lectures for their online courses. Whether students are using video to bring life to their presentations or just making an ad for their student club, there really is no limit to what they can do with video and how effectively it can be shared.”

“When I saw similar studios that other universities were launching, I thought it was a great idea, but I knew that we could top it,” Ruegsegger adds. “Mixing the basic concept with my own experience, I designed our Video2Go Studio for flexibility and ease of use. Crestron control gave me the ability to integrate additional devices such as our motorized green screen and shades, so it all just works together seamlessly.”

Bronkar says the video process is very simple yet professional.

“When you enter the studio, voice prompts welcome you and ask you to insert a USB drive,” Bronkar explains. “Once you insert your flash drive and press the touchscreen to begin, the ‘recording in progress’ screen lowers to let anyone outside the room know you are recording. You will then be prompted to use the remote button to begin your video. When you are finished, you can tap the remote button with your foot to end your video. The display screen will tell you when your video has finished rendering and prompt you to remove your USB drive.

“The completed video is in an MP4 format that can be played back on any device,” Bronkar adds. “As students become more familiar with the process, they can add effects to their video with the green screen, which enables the incorporation of various scenery, such as Mount Everest or street scenes or make it appear as though they are running down a virtual road. The green screen has many fun applications.”

The studio is accessible to students, faculty and community members. Some community members have already used the Video2Go Studio to make promotional videos for their businesses.

Future plans for the studio include a podcast booth and regularly scheduled newscasts, by the Kent State Tuscarawas Student Government, that will be played on monitors throughout the facilities.

“We are always looking into more applications for the studio, and we hope to begin more broadcasting ventures,” Bronkar says.

POSTED: Thursday, June 29, 2017 11:29 AM
Updated: Thursday, December 8, 2022 10:23 PM