Wick Poetry Center’s Traveling Stanzas Takes Center Stage at Chautauqua Institution

This summer, visitors to the beautiful Chautauqua Lake area of New York can experience Traveling Stanzas and engage with Kent State University students as the university’s Wick Poetry Center extends its reach and further establishes its mission of creating shared creative experiences through poetry and community outreach.


Kent State’s Wick Poetry Center has announced a partnership with the Chautauqua Institution to feature its Traveling Stanzas exhibit in Chautauqua’s new Poetry Makerspace throughout the 2018 summer season.

Kent State University students Isaiah Hunt and Sony Ton-Aimé pose at the Traveling Stanzas exhibit. Both students are the exhibit docents for two weeks.

“Poetry has an incredible history at Chautauqua Institution and is a major focus of our current initiatives,” says Atom Atkinson, director of literary arts at Chautauqua. “The Makerspace is helping us to expand the reach of this transformational art form.” 

The Traveling Stanzas interactive exhibit includes both analog and digital tools that invite visitors to create poetry in response to each of Chautauqua’s weekly themes using a variety of prompts and strategies. Participants can share their poems digitally, through videos or as postcards printed on location. Visit the project website at chq.travelingstanzas.com to view all the poems and videos created at Chautauqua this summer.

“One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the opportunity it offers for Kent State students,” says David Hassler, director of Kent State’s Wick Poetry Center. “Wick Poetry Center interns and fellows will work in pairs to facilitate the exhibit during the nine-week summer season, in addition to leading writing groups and participating in creative writing workshops with Chautauqua’s featured authors.”


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POSTED: Friday, July 20, 2018 02:23 PM
UPDATED: Sunday, May 26, 2024 11:31 PM