A student learns computer technology in a one on one session in Moulton Hall.

This Council advises the Dean on all technology matters in the College. The Council meets as needed to develop technology plans, support research and implementation of cutting edge technologies for teaching, learning and the management of information, review requests by faculty, administrators, and staff concerning technology, support external funding request for technology applications consistent with the College mission, and evaluate the status of technology implementation in the College.

Members (2012-13 AY)

TLC - Michele Heron, Scott Courtney

HS - Jeffrey Huston

FLA - Jason Schenker

LDES - Marty Jencius (Faculty Chair), Peña Bedesem

Administration - Beth Thomas

Staff - Katie Kozak

Ex-Officio - Aaron Near, Julee Henry

Graduate Student Rep - Scot Tribuzi

Undergraduate Student Rep - Sara Anthony