Licenses & Endorsements

The Early Childhood Education program offers several additional licenses and endorsements for persons who already hold an active teaching certificate or license.

Second License Program in ECED

Persons who hold an active license in Special Education, Elementary Education, or Middle Childhood Education may pursue a second license in Early Childhood Education. For information on this program, consult the program coordinator.

Second License Program of Study (doc)

Pre-Kindergarten Endorsement

This endorsement is for "teaching learners ages three through five" and is limited to those holding a kindergarten-primary, elementary, family and consumer sciences, or special certificate for education of the handicapped. This endorsement may be included in a M.Ed program of study or pursued in a non-degree program.

Preponderate Validation (docx)

Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs

This endorsement is available for holders of the following standard certificates/licenses: preponderate, early childhood, special education.

Please visit the Early Childhood Special Education webpage for more information.

Reading Endorsement

This Curriculum and Instruction endorsement may be included in a Master of Education program of study. Visit the C&I website for further details.

Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement (Grades 4-5)

This endorsement is available if you hold an Ohio Early Childhood P-3 Teaching License. You may earn this endorsement to teach grades 4-5.

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