With the world's growing demand for individuals who speak English, the demand for people who can teach English has grown rapidly over the past few decades. We here at Kent State University would like to prepare you through offering our TEFL certificate program, which is designed to immerse you within another culture while at the same time giving you the structure and support that will allow you to succeed as you learn to Teach English as a Foreign Language.

Program Options

Students must complete the teaching practicum in Dresden, Germany to obtain the TEFL certificate.

Option 1

Full-Semester Program in Dresden (Spring, Summer)

  • Gain valuable experience as an English teacher by conducting morning classes in the Dresden city schools and once-a-week evening classes within the Dresden community.

  • Augment your teaching skills by taking all or some of the required TEFL coursework at Technische Universität (TU) Dresden as if it were a satellite Kent State University campus. Classes will be taught in English by Kent State University instructors.

  • Experience a semester abroad immersed in another culture and learn how to synchronize one's lifestyle with new surroundings.

  • Dresden is a very charming city; students will easily become attached to it and after a few months the city will feel like a European home.

Option 2

One-Month Practicum in Dresden (Mid-May through Mid-June)

  • All required TEFL coursework must be taken at Kent State University prior to arriving in Dresden.

  • Accelerated teaching practicum in which participants will work in the Dresden schools and community five days per week.

Program Dates  

Dates - 2015/2016

Spring Semester 2016

Summer Semester 2015

Summer One-Month 2015

Program Status




Next Informational Meeting

Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 6:30 pm, SFH 220

Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 7:30 pm, SFH 220              

Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 7:30 pm, SFH 220                      

Application Deadline

Sept. 30, 2015

Jan 31, 2015

Nov 30, 2015

Cancellation Deadline

Nov. 30, 2015

March 01, 2015

February 15, 2015

Arrival in Germany

Jan. 15, 2016

May 09, 2015

May 09, 2015

* Departure from Germany       

May 9, 2016

July 31, 2015

Jun. 07, 2015

* Students may opt to stay longer if they wish. It is best to arrange this when buying the plane ticket.

Note: Dates are subject to change so please check back periodically. Program Costs Financial aid is available to participants of the TEFL program.



Spring Semester    

Summer Semester    

Summer One-Month    










16 weeks*

11 weeks*

4 weeks*

Roundtrip Airfare




Dresden University semester fee    

€ 340

€ 240

€ 240

Mandatory medical insurance




KSU study-abroad application fee      




German Visa fee

€ 100



Program fee




Approx. Total

$8,548 + € 440

$8,607 + € 240

$4,744 + € 240

 * Prices with an asterisk are approximate and are based on the prices of past years. Note: All prices are subject to change; summer semester tuition is based on 12 credit hours.

** This amount is in-state tuition. Students who are from out-of-state will be charged out-of-state tuition.

Helpful Tips
  • Food prices may vary widely from person to person based on what and where you eat. However, on average, food prices will be comparable to what you would spend on food in Kent for the same period of time.

  • Groceries tend to be less expensive than in Kent, sometimes much less. There are many supermarkets in Dresden of varying sizes, 3 of which are very near the dorm.

  • There are many options when eating out. Italian,Turkish, and Chinese restaurants abound in the city and offer good prices, typically $8 to $12 for a meal and beverage (many Turkish restaurants are a few dollars less). German restaurants also abound but tend to be comparatively expensive.

Required Courses

To complete the 18 credit hour TEFL certificate program, students must

  • Complete six hours of classwork designed to supplement students' knowledge of the English language:

    • Eng 31001 Fundamental English Grammar

    • Eng 31003 Linguistics

  • Complete six hours of classwork designed to supplement students' ability to teach English to others:

    • Eng 31007 TESL Pedagogy I

    • Eng 31008 Grammar for TESL/TEFL

  • Complete six hours of practicum sessions in which students' teaching skills will be practiced, observed, and refined (the practicum must be completed in Dresden, Germany; for more information see the TEFL Program Options above):

    • Eng 41292 TEFL Practicum 

Review TEFL Course Descriptions

Teaching Practicum while in Germany, whether you are taking the 4 week summer program or the full semester program, you will be primarily exposed to hands-on training through observations, assisting, and actually teaching. In your Practicum sessions,

  • You will observe and assist English instructors at either an elementary school, middle school, or high school in the Dresden area.

  • You will observe English classes at Technische Universität (TU) Dresden.

  • You will teach your own community course at a local company or in a small town near Dresden. You will observe your peers' teaching, and they will observe yours.

Other Information

Contact Us

Director, TEFL

Dr. Klaus Gommlich, Associate Professor
Email: kgommlic@kent.edu  

Financial Aid Support
Financial aid support: semester options (spring or summer)

Email contact: Alana Thompson, Financial Aid Counselor

Financial aid support: one-month practicum option (summer only)

Email contact: Laura Gaugler, Financial Aid Counselor