Kent State University is a student-centered institution offering a broad array of academic programs to engage students in diverse learning environments that educate them to think critically and to expand their intellectual horizons while attaining the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible citizenship and productive careers.

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the Goals of student conduct

OSC sign outside of Beall-McDowell Hall

The University’s student conduct-related goals are:

  • To provide students with due process
  • To make students aware of and able to reasonably navigate through the conduct process
  • To have students accept responsibility for their actions when it is warranted
  • To apply sanctions designed to assist students in their pursuit of excellence in both the classroom and the community

the Process of student conduct

The Student Conduct process is not a legal process and is separate from local, state, and federal court proceedings.  Instead, the standard of responsibility is based on a preponderance of the evidence.  The student conduct process is expected to:

  • Determine consequences for behaviors that violate university rules, policies, and local, state, and federal laws
  • Offer outcomes to assist students in learning about the impact of their actions on themselves and others within their respective communities
  • Protect the integrity of students, faculty, staff, the institution, and the University community


A student may access the full University Policy Register, which contains the complete text of all the University’s current policies online.



Other rules and regulations may be found in the Residence Hall Contract and the Hallways Handbook, as well as in publications such as the University Catalog.

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for the adjudication of cases involving students who are accused of violating campus rules, regulations, or policies; federal or state laws; and/or municipality ordinances.