In addition to the ability of students to use of Mediasite for playing back any lecture during their tenure at the College of Podiatric Medicine, they can also utilize the power of Mediasite to listen to recorded lectures via podcast in an audio-only format.  

Our current students at the College can utilize the below links inside their favorite podcast program to hear playbacks of lectures on the go!  On occasion, a particular lecture may not be available due to recording malfunction or instructor request.

Data breaches that compromise accounts and invade privacy occur almost daily.  Universities are in a unique position to educate their students, faculty and staff about the importance of securing their own data and online identities.  The School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University will host Big Data & Privacy (BDP) Week Sept. 15-18, 2014, to raise campus awareness of and engagement with concepts of big data, privacy and what those concepts mean individually and globally. This is the first commemorative week of its kind at Kent State.

A new survey that focuses on faculty involvement with the public through the news media recognizes Kent State University on its inaugural lists. The Faculty Media Impact Project, developed by the Center for a Public Anthropology, ranks social science departments at nearly 100 universities based on the number of times faculty members were cited in the news media.