Communication Studies

Headshots of Dan Gerbracht, Kristyn Hibbett, Steve Albert (left to right)

Behind the big moments in sports that bring cities, families and friends together are sports media professionals. We caught up with three Kent State alumni who share their advice, favorite moments and how sports have enriched their lives and careers. 

Avery Hall

Serving as the Chair of the May 4 Task Force has been something communication studies major Avery Hall, ’23, describes as one of the most impactful and rewarding experiences she’s had at Kent State University. “May 4, 1970, is a living legacy at Kent State with relevant implications for students today. Continuing the legacy of May 4th quickly became of great importance to me,” she said.

Students Aim to Make Kent State ‘Most Refugee-Welcoming Campus in America’

Turmoil from recent wars and tragedies causes millions to be displaced from their homes every year. This year is no exception with the intensifying conflict in Ukraine, forcing millions of refugees to find safety elsewhere. Not only do these refugees need shelter, but they also need education and the opportunity to have new life experiences in different countries. 

international student panel

In a recent Communication Studies course, international students shared insight about what it is like to adapt to American culture as they pursue their degrees. 

School of Communication Studies

Marketing Director, Sherwin-Williams
Major: Communication Studies

School of Communication Studies

Director of Sales and Customer Engagement, Newark Electronics
Major: Communication Studies

Communication and Terrorism

Terrorism can be a heavy subject for many to digest, but for Communication Studies faculty, it is a teaching opportunity. 

Collage of students working

The CCI course Media and Movements explores social movements of our time through storytelling, strategy and advocacy. Fall 2021's seminar, themed “Building a Better World,” required students to select a specific human rights or human dignity issue that impacts their Kent State peers and reimagine a better future based on research. 

Collage of students with family recipes. Text reads: Media, Food and Foodways: Students reflect on how food has shaped family communication, intergenerational relationships and values

In the Communication Studies course, “Media, Food & Foodways,” Assistant Professor Teddy Workneh, Ph.D., asked his students to dig deep into their family’s history to understand the ways in which food has shaped inter-generational relationships and values. Here's some of what they had to say.