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Kent State University Return to Research Procedures
May 3, 2021 RASP Town Hall
How Kent State Researchers are Addressing the Pandemic

Greetings from the Vice President

Kent State already has a legacy of high-caliber research, but even greater discoveries and innovations are yet to come.

At Kent State we know that “Innovation Occurs Where Fields Collide”, and what will distinguish us as an elite research university is our commitment to high quality collaborative research and innovation at all levels. 

Our five research strategic institutes/initiatives in Brain Health, Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystals, Environmental Science and Design, Healthy Communities, and Global Understanding build upon the existing strengths among individual researchers and disciplines and unite scholars from diverse backgrounds to pursue current and pressing societal challenges from unique perspectives.

From our prolific federally-funded faculty pursuing answers to the world’s most critical questions to our curious and ambitious students discovering their path for the future by asking questions we haven’t yet considered, Kent State’s culture of research is founded upon the idea that every mind has a contribution to offer, and the solution could be around the next corner.

Whether the great ideas and innovative solutions of tomorrow are born in a lab on one of our campuses, or are developed through one of our many partnerships with business, industry, community, and other academic institutions, Kent State is positioned to make substantive contributions and major breakthroughs across myriad avenues of innovation and scholarly pursuit.

To that end, the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs is here to provide our faculty and student researchers with every available resource for initiating, funding, and conducting their research, finding opportunities for student research or interdisciplinary collaboration, presenting and publicizing their findings, and bringing innovative technologies to market.

Our website is just one resource, and our dedicated staff are always ready and willing to assist, so please do not hesitate to contact any member of our team with questions or concerns.

Paul E. DiCorleto, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs