Research Newsletters

One of the many ways we spread the word about some of the great research our faculty and students are carrying out is through our research newsletter. You can always find the most recent issue posted on this homepage, and an archive of all previous issues.

Vol. 4/Issue 1 — May 2020

The NSF Continues its Support of A KSU Biologists Study into Muscle Thermogenesis; Kent State's Environmental Science and Design Symposium Lives on Online; KSU Honors an Aviation Professor Tapped to Chair a National Academies Research Committee; A biologist teams up with colleagues from Tennessee and Toledo to study climate change effects in the arctic circle; Another biologist publishes a paper discussing potential solutions for male contraceptives; Two psychology researchers land a major grant to help students adopt better study habits.

Vol. 3/Issue 3 — December 2019

Biologist publishes possible solution to cancer drug resistance; healthcare designer wins $2.4-million to study trauma room design; education researchers land million-dollar grant for cross training graduate students in early childhood education; KSU anthropology team expands its relationship with a prestigious international partner; biologist wins funding to research link between cannabinoids and circadian rhythms.

Vol. 3/Issue 2 — May 2019

Ohio renews collaborative technology commercialization program; researchers win NSF grant for lipid-protein study; NIH grant allows psychologist to study the effects of mindfulness in treating teen obesity; podiatry device wins innovation competition; KSU student team selected for international competition.

Vol. 2/Issue 2 — October 2018


Congressman honors KSU researchers with check for $3.7 million; psychologist studies risk factors of PTSD in children; a career grant helps a geologist study a climate change marker; physicist takes a molecular look at cancer genetics; astrophysicist looks for dense matter in neutron stars.

Vol. 2/Issue 1 — March 2018


A Liquid Crystal researcher secures a trio of patents for novel medical applications; chemists help FiveThirtyEight study baseball composition; a career grant lets a physicist study organic transistors and change how students learn about physics; geographers offer new insight into the Cambodian Genocide.
STUDENT RESEARCH FEATURE: A Ph.D. student publishes a solo article in archaeology’s top journal, challenging conventional wisdom on ancient pottery.

Vol. 3/Issue 1 — February 2019


Kent State hosts its Environmental Science and Design Symposium in March; a gerontologist recruits custodial grand-families for a multimillion-dollar NIH study; the AMLCI partners with the College of Podiatric Medicine to develop a new device that could solve chronic foot problems; an NSF GOALI grant funds a research partnership with Merck to design liquid crystal sensors; a grad student in anthropology carries out a dynamic and novel experiment.

Vol. 1/Issue 2 — November 2017


KSU researchers help discover signs of Alzheimer's in chimpanzees for the first time; a new polymer goes walks when illuminated; two geographers partner on separate grants to study climate change; and an epidemiologist discusses vaccine hesitancy and promotion.

Vol. 1/Issue 1 — April 2017


A new professor and his archaeology team prolifically win grants and publish papers; a biologist nets a million-dollar grant for cutting-edge Alzheimer's research; geographers map youth violence in a neighboring community; and student enthusiasm makes the UG research symposium the best yet.