The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) assists investigators at Kent State with identifying funding opportunities, submitting successful proposals, and implementing funded projects in compliance with all applicable regulations.


Increasingly, our office has been receiving last-minute proposal submissions and notification of intent to submit less than 24-hours prior to an agency deadline. We are therefore reminding you of the existing university administrative policy regarding timelines for submission of grant proposals:

The policy states (in brief):

  1. Sponsored Programs should be notified of intention to submit a proposal at least ten working days before the submission deadline.
  2. The final budget must be entered into Kuali and routed for internal approval no later than five working days prior to the due date.
  3. If narrative proposal documents will be revised after submission for internal approval, all files must be finalized in Kuali no later than two working days before the due date of the proposal to the external agency or source. [NOTE: Although this is the wording in the policy, we will request near final drafts of all documents two days before the deadline (this is to ensure that PIs have completed all components of the proposal and that OSP personnel know the correct number of attachment placeholders necessary for submission). Final documents are due by 8AM on the agency due date].

Given the continuously growing number and increasing complexity of proposals being handled by the OSP, we will begin enforcement of this policy on January 1, 2020. 

Click here for the Proposal Submission Workflow Chart

Please contact our office at 330-672-2070 if you have any questions.

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