Federal Funding Policies & Compliance

Research projects at Kent State are subject to federal, state, local and university laws and policies. Researchers who work with human or animal subjects must review their research project with institutional committees and must receive appropriate training. Researchers also should be aware of export control laws, which may involve foreign nationals working in their research group, and laws regarding laboratory safety, occupational health and safety, and biosafety issues such as radiation safety.

Compliance is overseen by several offices. In the Division of Research and Economic Development, the Office of Research Compliance helps researchers to meet compliance requirements through training, oversight and the administration of institutional committees for animal and human subjects research. The Office of Sponsored Programs oversees training in research ethics and conflict of interest policies, and it assists researchers in meeting the requirements of funding agencies and federal export control laws. In addition, the Office of Research Safety in the Division of Business & Finance oversees biological safety, laboratory and chemical safety, and radiation/laser safety. 

Research with Animals 

The Kent State Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) makes sure that research involving the use of animals at the university adheres to the appropriate guidelines and policies. Before beginning research, testing or teaching activities that involve the use of live vertebrate animals, the principal investigator must submit a Request to Use Animals application to the IACUC. Learn more about research with animals.

Research with Human Subjects

Before implementing research that involves human subjects, researchers must have their protocol reviewed and approved by a Kent State Institutional Review Board (IRB), which ensures that the rights and welfare of study participants are protected. Learn more about research with human subjects.

Online Training

Training is required for individuals to comply with federal guidelines and Kent State policies.  Whether you are a student enrolled in a class that requires minimal-risk human subjects training, supported on an NSF-funded grant, or an investigator conducting research that involves animals, you will need to complete training.

Training is available online on the use of animals in research, the use of human subjects, occupational health and safety, conflict-of-interest policies, responsible conduct of research, and biosafety/biosecurity.Learn more about online training.  

Policies and Financial Administration Forms

Export Control Laws

All sponsored programs are administered in accord with federal regulations. These include export control laws restricting the export of goods and technology. Within the university, an employee, visitor or student could be a “deemed export,” which refers to disclosing information or providing technical services to foreign national living inside the U.S.

If export control regulations are part of a contractual agreement, the primary responsibility for compliance rests with the Principal Investigator. PIs must cooperate with the Office of Sponsored Programs to determine whether their research is subject to export regulations.  Learn more about export control.