Academic Resources

Academic Resources at Every Turn

As a student, you may have a moment when you recognize that you can use some extra assistance in completing or planning academic work, finding new ways to take a class, finding internship opportunities and connecting with your college representatives. Kent State University offers many resources and services to help you along the path to completing your degree.

Academic Support Services

Academic Success Center

Learn more about the programs and services offered by the Academic Success Center.

Accessibility Services

Provides assistance to students with varying degrees and types of disabilities in order to maximize educational opportunity and academic potential.

Advising Services

Academic Advisors work with you to create a specific plan tailored to your interests and life goals. Advisors can assist in: exploring majors, preparing requirements, reviewing policies, developing class schedules and much more.

Center for Adult & Veteran Services

See what services are available for adults and veterans at Kent State.

Tutoring and Study Groups

Academic assistance support is available to students who need extra help at no charge through the Academic Success Center (ASC). Tutoring services are available in:

  • Math
  • Sciences
  • Writing
  • Psychology | Sociology | History | Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences
  • Other Subjects
  • Supplemental Instruction - This is a national program that offers peer-facilitated group study sessions for students. Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders attend classes along with the students they are tutoring. Each SI leader has already taken and successfully completed the course.
  • Coaching - This is a personalized experience where students work in partnership with their coach toward academic and personal success through goal setting, personal assessment, skill development, and consistent, ongoing support.  
University Libraries

University Libraries' Instructional Services strives to educate students on finding and using information effectively and ethically. Information for the 21st century includes not only the skills and critical thinking associated with information literacy, but also the skills and reasoning related to technology and media fluency.

Writing Commons

When you have trouble finishing or starting a term paper or any other writing project, the Writing Commons can help. Tutors at the writing center can help you understand assignments, get you started, help you develop a focus, develop proofreading and editing skills and much more.


Academic Departments

See a list of all academic departments.


The Kent State University Catalog is the official document of record for undergraduate and graduate programs, courses, academic policies and special programs.

Major & Career Selection

Career counselors assist students with choosing a major and career that match their unique skills, interests and values. 

Kent State's large selection of academic programs is just one reason we are considered among the top universities and colleges in Ohio when it comes to learning and development. We can help you pursue success in a wide variety of fields.

Online Classes

Kent State Online is a great way to finish a degree or start a new one. The flexible online learning format can easily fit into any schedule.

Academic Experiences

Experiential Learning

Explore the numerous opportunities for direct learning through experiential education, volunteer service, internships, research and education abroad.

First-Year Student Success

The Office of Student Success Programs helps make students' first year extraordinary with a variety of academic and cocurricular experiences.


Internships are a great way to get practical work experience, possibly earn money and college credit, obtain a full-time position after graduation and build a resume before you even graduate. Career Exploration and Development helps students with internship options.


Test for Academic Credit

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers the opportunity to receive college credit for previously acquired knowledge. Students can save time and money and shorten their path to graduation!

University Testing Services

Kent State University offers a variety of testing and placement services.  Learn more about which tests and placement assessments are available at each campus.


Scheduling and Academic Records

The Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center helps students with class scheduling and pulling academic records.

Schedule of Classes

Search the schedule of classes.

Good to Know

Academic Calendar

See important dates on the university academic calendar.


View a list of the various bodies that have accredited Kent State.

Policy Register

The University Policy Register is a compilation of the official university, administrative and operational policies of Kent State University. The purpose of this online register is to serve the university community as a source of reliable information and as a foundation on which decisions can be made.