The Lifelong Learning Initiative at Kent State University is dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential at every stage of life.  We provide accessible, innovative, and transformative learning experiences that lifelong learners need to advance in their career and excel in life. Learning never stops, and our programs are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate today’s ever-evolving world.

Lifelong learning is the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and skills throughout one’s life.  Lifelong learning is a continuous process of acquiring new information, competencies, and perspectives for personal or professional development.  

It enables people to adapt to changes in work, technology, and society by developing transferable skills like critical thinking, digital literacy, communication, and leadership. It promotes qualities like creativity, curiosity, resilience, agility, and openness to new ideas that are valuable across all spheres of life.    

Embracing lifelong learning is vital to adapt to the ever-changing world, unlock new possibilities and enhance personal and professional satisfaction.


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    Stay updated with industry changes and trends

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    Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills

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    Boost self-confidence and personal growth


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    Improve career opportunities and employability

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    Maintain an active and engaged mind



Kent State University has a rich history and commitment to providing quality education and resources to our local and global community. Our Lifelong Learning Initiative exemplifies this commitment, offering unique and comprehensive solutions for our students’ evolving educational needs. 

Here, learners will have access to:

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    A diverse set of credit and non-credit courses

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    Highly qualified instructors and faculty

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    Flexible learning schedules to accommodate individual lifestyles


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    Networking opportunities with fellow learners and professionals

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    An environment conducive to personal growth and skills enhancement


The Lifelong Learning Initiative comprises several diverse programs to cater to various learners' unique needs and aspirations. Explore our offerings below and embark on your journey toward personal and professional development. 

Stay ahead in your career with professional development and certification programs. Whether you’re looking to upskill, change careers or earn industry-specific certifications, our offerings provide targeted training and learning opportunities to set you up for success. Browse our programs and find the right fit for your professional goals. 

Professional Development

As your training partner, the Center for Corporate and Professional Development offers customized training and professional development programs tailored to organizational needs. With options for virtual, in-person, and tailored training, our experts equip learners with essential durable skills to advance their careers and grow their organizations.

Explore Professional Development Opportunities

Business and Community Services

This comprehensive hub offers diverse professional training services, providing Kent State University’s expertise and resources to the community while promoting collaboration with businesses and organizations to address their unique needs.

Discover our Business and Community Services

Continuing Education

Meeting the needs of career-focused professionals and lifelong learners, continuing education offers a diverse range of courses that help individuals update or acquire new skills relevant to their career or personal interests.

Explore continuing education opportunities

Enhance your skills, boost your employability, and sharpen your industry acumen with Kent State's focused microcredentials. Our short-term, competency-based offerings empower you to showcase your mastery in profession-specific areas ranging from Project Management and Data Analysis to Leadership and Digital Marketing.

Offered across multiple disciplines, our Microcredentials are designed to enrich your expertise and fit your exceedingly demanding schedule.


Discover Microcredential Offerings

Pre-college programs at Kent State University range from art and technology camps for youth to College Credit Plus and Tech Prep courses for eligible middle and high school students. Our pre-college programs allow K-12 students to explore interests, build skills and earn college credit.

College Credit Plus

The College Credit Plus Program (CCP) at Kent State University is designed to provide qualified 7th- through 12th-grade students with the opportunity to enhance their high school education with a true college experience.

Learn more about CCP

Tech Prep

Our Tech Prep program bridges theory with practice for students interested in career technical education. This program immerses students in their field of interest and provides invaluable hands-on experience, paving the way for a smooth transition into post-secondary education or careers.

Apply your knowledge in the real world with the Tech Prep program


K-12 programs at Kent State are tailored to inspire young minds, foster creativity and bolster critical thinking skills. With diverse activities from camps and specialized courses to interactive workshops, these programs provide optimal environments for learners to explore their interests, nourish their curiosity and cultivate their talents in a dynamic, supportive and enriching setting.

Explore K-12 programs

Expand your knowledge and skills with adult enrichment classes, adult education programs and workforce development programs. You’ll find various flexible and accessible learning options to suit your needs. Explore our course catalog and upcoming events to start your next chapter. 

Summer Sessions

Summer sessions are the perfect way to achieve your goals and keep your mind active! Whether you want to stay on track or get ahead in your college coursework, enhance your vocational skills, or pursue your personal interests, our sessions offer many opportunities for current Kent State students and students from other colleges and universities.

Browse Summer Session Offerings

Classes for Experienced Learners

Stay engaged and stimulated with our Experienced Learner Program, available to individuals 60 and older. These offerings provide lifelong learners with opportunities to explore new interests, engage in intellectual pursuits and connect with like-minded peers.

Explore the Experienced Learner program

Prison Education

The Prison Education program aims to transform lives by allowing incarcerated individuals to pursue their academic goals through high-quality degree programs delivered by Kent State faculty in the correctional facility. 

Learn more about the Prison Education program

Get Started

Ready to take the next step in your lifelong learning journey? 

Explore programs, enroll in courses or contact our knowledgeable staff to discuss which programs best suit your needs and objectives. There’s no reason to stop learning — join us today and unlock your potential.