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What is Academic Coaching?

In Academic Coaching, a student who has been trained to help others works with you throughout the semester to help you develop learning skills and study strategies in a supportive environment structured to hold you accountable to your short- and long-term goals.  

Coaching is a personalized experience where students work in partnership with their coach toward academic and personal success through goal setting, personal assessment, skill development, and consistent, ongoing support.  

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Before your first session:

Complete a survey about how you currently study so that your Coach can tailor your sessions to your needs.

Don’t have a session scheduled yet but are curious to see how frequently you are using important study and learning strategies? You can take the survey too! We recommend that you schedule at least one session with a Coach so they can interpret your results and help you make a plan.

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"Do I want coaching?"

  • Do you feel nervous about your ability to meet your academic goals in college?
  • Would you like to strengthen your time management skills?
  • Do you hope to learn how to study more effectively and efficiently for your college courses?
  • Would you like to have a good study plan in place before the end of this semester?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then academic coaching is the right resource for you!

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Do you feel like you need more help than Academic Coaching can offer?

Do you feel like things are kind of, well, falling apart? Pretty nervous about how to handle college? Or, do you want to learn about student-life balance, increase your confidence, develop success strategies, or develop strong decision-making skills? Success Coaching is a resource that can meet these needs.

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