Have you ever looked at your friends who get amazing grades and wondered:

"How do they do it?"

We asked some KSU students how they succeed; they told us. Now we're telling you.

#1 - Form Online Study Groups!

Cat shares how easy and helpful it is to get classmates together in online study groups.

#2 - Use your Time Intentionally

Tory uses a planner to make sure she gets everything done.

#3 - Stay Organized in Online Classes

Tara gives some tips on keeping organized in a digital world.

#4 Take Notes that Help You!

Cat shares her techniques for making her notes as useful as possible.

#5 - Ask Questions!

AJ shares how important it is to speak up and ask questions

#6 - Using a Calendar App for Your Busy Life

Cat talks about how using a calender app helps keep her life on track.

#7 - Rewriting Notes & Self-Quizzing

Tory’s grades went from Bs to As. Why? Rewriting her notes and quizzing herself!

#8 How to Use a Planner

Tara uses a planner to keep her hectic schedule organized.

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