Success Tips

Have you ever looked at your friends who get amazing grades and wondered:

"How do they do it?"

We asked some KSU students how they succeed; they told us. Now we're telling you.

Get the Fuel Your Body Needs

"Staying hydrated and eating healthy snacks helps me focus"

Annie shares her healthy study snack.

Take a Break and Get Moving!

"It's a good way to get refreshed and motivated"

Annie talks about why she takes a break from her classes.

Form Online Study Groups!

"It's great to have access to all of your classmates!"

Cat shares how easy and helpful it is to get classmates together in online study groups.

Use your Time Intentionally

"I write down a specific time for me to do it."

Tory uses a planner to make sure she gets everything done.

Stay Organized in Online Classes

"It's super easy to just have it all in one place!"

Tara gives some tips on keeping organized in a digital world.

Take Notes that Help You!

"Your notes are going to make sense!"

Cat shares her techniques for making her notes as useful as possible.

Ask Questions!

"Don't be afraid to ask questions!"

AJ shares how important it is to speak up and ask questions.

Using a Calendar App for Your Busy Life

"It's easy to see when I need to be where."

Cat talks about how using a calendar app helps keep her life on track.

Rewriting Notes & Self-Quizzing

"I wanted my exam grades to be a little bit higher"

Tory’s grades went from Bs to As. Why? Rewriting her notes and quizzing herself!

How to Use a Planner

"Everything about my life is in here!"

Tara uses a planner to keep her hectic schedule organized.


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