Studying can seem like such a blurry concept sometimes.

So we've put together a list of concrete, specific study skills and created step-by-step videos on them to help you on your academic journey!

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If these workshops seem a little overwhelming for you right now, that's okay! Try out our bite-size success tips series for some more snackable tips.

Help! I ran out of time! How to improve your time management

This video introduces you to several time management techniques to help you identify all that needs done, prioritize what you have to do, and then schedule everything into your week. The video also reviews multiple electronic time management apps.

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What is this online learning thing?! Tools for online learning

The video introduces you to strategies for success in online courses. The video reviews methods to get you organized and to help you stay focused; strategies to help you effectively study and learn; and resources to support you throughout the process!

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More than Re-Reading! Creating Effective Study Tools for Learning & Memory

The video introduces you to a variety of study tools that you can create to improve your level of learning and your retention of material. The video reviews the concepts of deep learning and successive relearning, teaches multiple study tool options that promote deep learning, and explains how to use these study tools to best remember the information.

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