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Scheduled Tutoring – How it Works

How do I sign up for tutoring?

Click “Make An Appointment” below to go to TutorTrac, our scheduling system. Here, you will be able to view all available appointments and schedule your session(s).  If it’s your first time, watch the “Learn how to sign up for tutoring” video for brief instructions.

Make an appointment for scheduled tutoring using TutorTrac, our online scheduling system.

Make an Appointment and Access Your Session Here

How does online tutoring work?

Some students told us that online tutoring sessions were preferred and very convenient for them! So, we are continuing to offer some virtual tutoring sessions via TutorTrac.

When you’re ready for your session, you’ll log into TutorTrac using the same link you used to schedule, and a button will be available to access your session. (Note that this button only appears 10 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin!)

Learn how to sign up for tutoring.

Need help?

Click Here for Help Scheduling or Accessing Your Appointment

How to access my appointment

  1. Click the button above to log into TutorTrac with your Flashline username and password
  2. In the “Upcoming Appointments” section on the main screen, you’ll see a list of all upcoming appointments
  3. 10 minutes before your session begins, a “Join Online Appointment” button will appear next to the date and time of your upcoming session.
  4. Click the button!

How to Schedule an Appointment

(Want a PDF? Click here for a PDF version of these instructions with screenshots.)

  1. Click the “Make an Appointment” button to go to TutorTrac
  2. Log in with your Flashline username and password
  3. Click “Search Availability”
  4. For Center, select “Kent Campus Tutoring”
  5. Under “Section,” pick the class you want tutoring for
  6. Click “Search”
  7. Choose the time that works best for you and click on it
  8. Select “Regular Appt” for the Reason (it’s the only option!)
  9. If you want to reserve this time every week for the rest of the semester, leave the “Recurring Appt Weekly” box checked. For a one-time appointment, uncheck this box
  10. Enter your phone number
  11. Optional: add notes for your tutor
  12. Sign up for text reminders if you want them
  13. Click “Save”
  14. Come back to TutorTrac up to 10 minutes before your appointment to access your online session!

Questions about Tutoring?

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