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Innovations that win awards

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20 national awards, four internationally certified programs, and nearly $10 million in grant funding in the last 7 years.


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"With friends, professors, and assistants, I’ve always felt supported and set up for success here at Kent State.”

"I’ve made so many connections at Kent State University, it makes a big school feel small.”

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Results that change lives

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Students who regularly attend services offered by the Academic Success Center are 11.4% more likely to return for the next academic year than their classmates.


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"Success Coaching is the best thing I’ve decided to do, besides coming to Kent State.”

"At Kent State I always have someone by my side pushing me to be the best version of myself!”

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A place to call home

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Virtually tour the Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE).


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A comfortable place with the resources to help you succeed at Kent State University!

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