Exploratory Learning Community

The Exploratory Learning Community is a great way for you to build connections with your peers and gain access to more support through your career and major exploration as an Exploratory student!

We know students who participate in the Exploratory Learning Community are MORE successful academically and in making connections with their peers.

Join the Exploratory Learning Community

By joining, you will have:

  • MORE opportunities to explore with programming focused on exploration of careers and majors, leadership and college success!
  • MORE support from the staff and the Exploratory Mentors!
  • And MORE...

Lake Hall is the home of the Exploratory Learning Community

The learning community is open to all first-year Exploratory students living in Lake Hall, Honors students living in Honors housing and students commuting to campus.

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Who can Join?

The Exploratory Learning Community is open to first-year Exploratory students residing in Lake Hall, Honors College students residing in Honors housing and students commuting to campus.

How to Join?

Joining the Exploratory Learning Community is easy!

Step 1: You can join by completing our online Exploratory Learning Community application today.


Step 2: If you are living on campus, you must select Lake Hall and the Exploratory Learning Community as top choices on your Housing Application (exceptions are made for Honors College students residing Honors housing).


Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I have a roommate that isn’t in the Exploratory Program, can they live with me in Lake Hall?
Yes, your roommate can live with you in Lake Hall if you join the Exploratory Learning Community and they are not in the Exploratory Program. When they complete the housing application, they should select Lake Hall and the Exploratory Learning Community. Although your roommate will not be in the community if not an Exploratory pre-major, this will assist with ensuring your housing preferences for a roommate are approved from the Exploratory Program.

2. I am planning to commute from home to Kent State, can I still join the Learning Community?
Yes, you can join the Learning Community as a student commuting from home. Nearly 20% of the students that join the Exploratory Living Learning Community are commuters.

3. If I am planning to live on campus, is there a building that is recommended?
If you are planning to live on campus, we recommend you select Lake Hall, where the Exploratory Learning Community is housed!

4. What is required to participate in the community?
As an Exploratory Learning Community member, we ask that you participate in at least one planned community program and meet with your Exploratory Mentor at least once per month.

5. If I am interested in connecting with other Exploratory students, what do you recommend?
The Exploratory Learning Community is a great way to connect with your peers quickly as you will be in courses with your peers and can attend programming together. Living on campus, you want to select Lake Hall and the Exploratory Learning Community.

MORE SUPPORT from the Exploratory Mentors

The Exploratory Mentors are here to guide you through your first-year, from exploration to college success. Your Exploratory Mentor will meet with you one-on-one in Exploratory Learning Community office located in Lake Hall. The mentors also host programs throughout the year focused on community building, career and major exploration, college success and leadership skills.

Meet Our Mentors


Learn how joining the Exploratory Learning Community made a difference from recent graduates!

  • Taryn Philips-Smith

    Taryn Philips-Smith

    "Starting as an Exploratory student and joining the Exploratory Learning Community made me feel 10x more comfortable. I was around so many other Exploratory students and I had countless support from the faculty and staff within the Exploratory Advising Center."

  • Kate Scaduto

    Kate Scaduto

    "It helped me meet new people, get more acclimated with campus, and find leadership opportunities that I never pictured myself doing! I also relied on my Exploratory Mentors for academic, social and emotional support!"

  • Erin Brown

    Erin Brown

    "Coming into college I didn't think I had a purpose; I didn't have a plan to find it and I was too scared to ask for help figuring it out. The learning community mentors and advisors helped become more outgoing and confident in what I was doing."