The Spirit of UC Award

The Spirit of UC Award is an opportunity for you to honor some of the great work you witness every day among your colleagues.

All University College employees are eligible to nominate their colleagues, as well as win the award (except for the UC Deans).

Highlights of The Spirit of UC Award:

Winners will become the official keeper of The Spirit of UC Award trophy. Along with the Dean, the winner will present the award at the next college meeting.

The winner will have their picture taken during the ceremony, receive a token of recognition from the Dean, have a story written about them  on the webpage, and will have the opportunity to enjoy a celebratory lunch with the Dean.

The Award process will occur quarterly. The Spirit of UC Award winners will not be eligible to win the award again for one calendar year. Priority will be given to those who have never won the award. Neither anonymous nor self-nominations are allowed.

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Current Winner

Photo of Michelle Marshall

Michelle Marshall 


Previous Winners

Tyrone Berry
Melonie Jones
Deann Zalom
Craig Berger
Alex Herbers
Julie Paskiet
Jeanne Semilia
UC Technology, Media & Design
Jimmal Ball
Peggy Greer

Dale Eilrich
C.V. Garcia
Kristin Williams Rudy Slama
Nancy Young
Adam Cinderich
Krittika Grau
Niki Lee
Doug Nehez
Lisa Mackerty
Rachel Cordy

Michelle Adair
Pamela Jones
Jim Piascik
Jody Patterson
Josh Perkins
Dea Malinosky
Yvonna Washington-Greer
Ann Gosky
Mike Donzella
Dondrea Brown
Mike Nicholas
Jeanne Ely



Current GA Winner

Maggie receiving her award from Dr. Pringle

Maggie Allphin

 Previous GA Award Winners


Joanna Cardarelli
Kyle Deleranko 

Tyler Verma 

Erin Leggitt