On-Campus Student Employment

On average, 75% of all college students are employed while taking classes. Kent State University has over 8,000 on-campus jobs.

Notice: Paperwork can be filed remotely.

  • Please email us at campusworks@kent.edu or call us at 330-672-0983 for assistance completing paperwork remotely.



Look for student positions in HANDSHAKE. New opportunities are added daily with peak hiring occurring at the beginning of each semester. 

Students may also: 

  • Develop the 8 career readiness competencies employers look for, including critical thinking, professionalism, and leadership.
  • Work close to your class locations with flexible hours.
  • Studies show that students who work on campus 20 hours or less each week actually do better academically than those students who work off campus, or do not work at all.
  • Make lasting connections with Kent State University staff.


  • Sign the Offer of Student Employment Form provided by your hiring department to accept the job offer.
  • One the Offer of Student Employment Form is completed, Career Exploration and Development will send the employment paperwork (I-9, SSA, and Tax Forms) to the student via DocuSign.
  • Once the employment paperwork is completed in DocuSign, starting on August 17, 2020, the student will come in-person to Career Exploration and Development or the appropriate regional campus student employment office (see below) along with acceptable forms of I.D. (i.e. may be a KSU FLASHcard or driver's license and an original Social Security card or a birth certificate) to complete the required ID verification for employment on campus.
  • Log into CampusWorks to Accept and electronically sign the Student Employment Certification Statement     


  • Accept job offers online to complete the hiring process by checking your kent.edu email or logging into CampusWorks.  You will have five days to respond to the offer or it will automatically expire. The job can be resubmitted by contacting the hiring department.
  • Receive a Job Confirmation email when permission to work has been granted and your job has been activated. Permission to work is granted upon final confirmation of student enrollment, completion of paperwork, and other employment eligibility requirements. Returning student employees will be notified in CampusWorks if additional forms are needed.