Meet The Career Peers

Our Career Peers are student leaders who support our department in various ways, and we are thankful for all they do! Some of their main responsibilities include resume and cover letter review during drop-in hours, helping students and alumni with Handshake, working with Career Community Partners, and more. Get to know our Career Peers below:  

  • Career Peer Colleen Dinan image

    Colleen Dinan she/her/hers
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Environmental Studies, Sociology, Concentration Social Inequalities
    Minors: Nonprofit Studies
    Career Community: Wildlife, Energy and Natural Resources
    Dream Career: Nonprofit management, probably environmental or LGBTQ+ related

  • Career Peer Rowan Marusek image

    Rowan Marusek he/him/his
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Middle Childhood Education
    Minors: English and Science 
    Career Community: LGBTQ+ Students
    Dream Career: Middle school Teacher

  • Josephine Vano Headshot

    Josephine Vano she/they
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Integrative Studies - Psychology, Theatre, and American Sign Language
    Minors: Disability Studies
    Career Community: Students with Disabilities
    Dream Career: Drama Therapist working with Deaf children and adolescents

  • Career Peer Angela Seifert image

    Angela Seifert she/her/hers
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Public Health
    Minors: Pre-medicine
    Career Community: Medical Health and Wellness
    Dream Career: Not sure

  • Natalie Ruple Headshot

    Natalie Ruple she/her/hers
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Visual Communication Design (VCD)
    Minors: Graphic Design
    Career Community: Art, Design, and Performance
    Dream Career: Graphic Design Artist or a Creative Director

  • Career Peer Nick Paparone image

    Nick Paparone he/him/his
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Middle Childhood Education
    Minors: Math and Social Studies Concentrations, Mild to Moderate Special Education
    Career Community: Education, Government and Social Services
    Dream Career: School Counselor

  • Career Peer Julia Pupo Gomes image

    Julia Pupo Gomes she/her/hers
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Psychology
    Minors: Peace and Conflict Studies
    Career Community: Education, Government, and Natural Resources
    Dream Career: Personality Researcher

  • Career Peer Rudra Patel image

    Rudra Patel he/him/his
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Computer Informations Systems (CIS)
    Career Community: Engineering, Technology, and Data
    Dream Career: Data Analyst

  • Career Peer Sydney Crawford image

    Sydney Crawford she/her/hers
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Interior Design
    Career Community: Designed Environments and Construction
    Dream Career: Retail and Commercial Interior Designer

  • career peer Jocelyn Holtsberry

    Jocelyn Holtsberry she/her/hers
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Political Science 
    Minors: Pre-Law, Public Relations
    Career Community: Education, Government and Social Services
    Dream Career: Political Campaign Manager

  • Katie Masko Headshot

    Katie Masko she/her/hers
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Public Relations and Advertising 
    Minors: Leadership
    Career Community: General
    Dream Career: I don’t really know yet. I am trying to take things one step at a time and not lock myself in on one dream career.

  • Andrew Marec Headshot

    Andrew Marec he/him/his
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Music Education 
    Concentration: Vocal
    Career Community: General
    Dream Career: High school choir teacher

  • Maddie Michaelis Headshot

    Maddie Michaelis she/her/hers
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Art History and Psychology 
    Minors: Italian Studies
    Career Community: Hospitality and Tourism
    Dream Career: Working in a museum 

  • Ogulkeyik Hudayberdiyeva Headshot

    Ogulkeyik Hudayberdiyeva she/her/hers
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Communication Studies 
    Concentration: Applied Communication
    Career Community: Communication, Entertainment, and Media
    Dream Career: Full-time traveler 

  • Brandon Keshock Headshot

    Brandon Keshock he/him/his
    Title: Career Peer
    Major: Exploratory
    Concentration: Exploratory
    Career Community: Still exploring
    Dream Career: Artificial Intelligence research